The Technician, Now on a Cloud Server

I am pleased to announce that this site is now hosted on the Rackspace Cloud. It was a simple migration from MediaTemple, and has given me the level of control I want. I got to choose my OS (CentOS), versions of php and MySQL, and setup apache how I like it. I’m free of Plesk and those and the limitations therein.

The one thing I would really like to see from the Rackspace Cloud is DNS Support. My goal when migrating []( was to move entirely off of MediaTemple. The one thing I really did like about hosting with them was that DNS was integrated directly into the service. With the Rackspace Cloud, there was no such convenience. However, a quick signup with DynDNS and a tweak to my domain registrar solved that.

Big thanks to Ryan Kearney’s video tutorial for the yum command that brought everything together.

Nov 29th, 2009