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RSS Resolution, and Blog Updates

After much neglect, and a few insane weeks, I’ve finally gotten the time to update a few things in my daily toolkit. First, RSS; I’ve decided to go all in with Feedly. I’ve found it to be a great cross-platform candidate that’s had to deal with a lot of scaling challenges in a very, very short period of time. I give them a lot of credit for building a massive platform and being able to continue to add features to what looks like a web app with great potential. At the moment, my only real gripe would be a progress indicator in the browser of the iOS app.

Secondly, I’ve made a few small updates to this very site. Since Twitter has deprecated v1 of their API, which the Octopress supplied twitter widget depends on, has crapped out. Since I’ve been all about minimalism lately, it seemed appropriate to simply pull the plug on it. That decision led me down the rabbit hole of how to update Octopress themes. (Hint: if you are using a theme, and you edit sass and html files in source, you’re doing it wrong.) That revelation led me to forking the venerable Slash Octopress theme. My own fork loses the Twitter feed, narrows the layout a bit, and adds an Add to Feedly link.

Published Jun 30, 2013

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