The Wrong Path

Robert Frost extolled the path not taken in his famous poem. It was a tribute to bucking the trend, and finding a place that was your own. In the go go go world of the tech industry, there are fewer paths untrodden, and many of them look wrong. And yet there are just as many reasons to go along those paths. Those reasons are specific to each context, and may look sunnier or darker depending on what lays along that path.

After seeing many of these paths, and knowing that each one looks different to everyone, the only way to truly determine the wrong path is to wholeheartedly walk down a path as if it were the right one. My favorite learning experiences have been when I pursued paths that seemed right, but were not. When determining the right path to take, sometimes the best thing to do is pick a path, walk down it, and see if you get where you need to go.

Here’s to walking down each path as if it were right.

Sep 3rd, 2013