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Inn on Randolph

This Christmas, Jessica and I took a trip to Napa Valley. In the past year, I’ve taken quite a few trips out to California, but most of them have been helicopter trips for work. I’ve flown in, done what I needed to do, and flown out, as quickly as possible. These trips have been grueling, as they were designed to get me home quickly, and never allowed any time for relaxation. It seemed important to take a trip focused on getting to know an area.

We decided that we were going to spend a few days in Napa, so naturally, a B&B was a great choice. We wanted to have breakfast provided, a bunch of other folks to chat with about life, and a warm, comfy place to call home for a couple days. We found the Inn on Randolph via the Googlez, and were impressed by the comfortable looking rooms, so we booked. They offered a wine tour through Platypus Tours so we booked it. It seemed like a good idea for 2 folks who haven’t been behind the wheel in years to not be behind the wheel and drinking. That’s about all the planning we did.

Upon arriving, we were greeted warmly, given freshly baked cookies and the lay of the land. Both Karen and Stacey were immensely knowledgeable about navigating Napa, and were able to recommend great places based on how we felt. What’s more, it seems the Inn on Randolph has taken advantage of a great network of wine makers, restaurateurs, and tasting rooms to provide a great experience. Each morning at breakfast, Karen or Stacey would ask if we had plans, and if not, could they help. On their recommendation, they booked us into amazing experiences. For wineries they couldn’t book us into, they provided tasting cards. Much of the value of staying at the Inn is the advice and access (read: free tastings) they provide. However, expect that to evaporate into wine purchases, as the recommendations will quickly turn into opportunities to buy very unique and delicious wines.

The Inn itself is gorgeous. It has a warm, comfortable palette of dark wood, grays, and cremes decorated with Victorian furniture. The Inn has also paid close attention to creature comforts that make for a truly relaxing stay away from home. The bathroom floors were heated, which makes the Inn the most luxuriant place I have ever stayed at. The beds were the kind that hug you and don’t let go, with heavy comforters that make it difficult to leave. (The only way I was able to get up was knowing my feet wouldn’t freeze on cold floors.)

All in all, this was an incredibly warm, comfortable way to spend a few days in wine country. The Inn aims to send folks to places that will educate and treat them well, and to provide a delightful place to roost at once they’re done.

Published Dec 30, 2013

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