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Hiring with common tech stacks

Not every job seeker is going to resonate with your exciting opportunity to change the world. And at a certain point, they don’t have to.

In my experience, a lot of engineers (and people) are really seeking comfort and familiarity in their next job.

There’s a large group of job seekers who:

  • Are not particularly interested in the goals of the business.
  • Are not as interested in learning new tech as they are in being able to execute easily.

Realizing this made me devise a useful strategy:

If you want to access the largest possible pool of engineers when hiring, make sure your core tech stack is full of popular languages and tools.

You’ll gain access to engineers who already know these tools because they’re widely used by startups and industry giants alike.

By contrast, if you’re using niche languages and software, your recruiting pool reduces and there will be higher premiums on those engineers.

So follow the zeitgeist and use boring, stable and ubiquitous technologies for the best access to talent.

Published May 11, 2024

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