About me

Hey! I’m Chris — a dynamic technology leader with extensive experience in spearheading innovative projects in the tech sector.

My career has been marked by roles such as Head of Technology at Behance and Baton Technologies, where I’ve led diverse teams to develop cutting-edge products. My tenure at Behance (Adobe) was instrumental in driving product innovation and operational excellence, focusing on creating robust, user-friendly solutions. At Baton Technologies, I played a pivotal role in product development and aligning technology with business goals.

With a skill set that includes DevOps, Scrum & Agile Methodologies, UX, React.js, and Docker, I thrive on blending technical expertise with strategic planning to create solutions that move the needle. My leadership style is collaborative, fostering a culture of innovation and high performance.

I’m passionate about mentoring, particularly in guiding startups through the complexities of the tech landscape. My approach is to empower teams, ensuring that technology not only serves but also propels business objectives.

In recent years, I’ve started a ceramics practice under the name Village Sunrise. Making mugs, vases, and bowls for everyday use has given me an opportunity to examine how to craft physical objects.

Thanks for visiting, and reading my thoughts on tech, food and ceramics.

A pair of inset vases, tapered on the bottom, leading to a leadge halfway up. They're glazed in a matte brown that fades upwards into a glossy light blue. They're placed on a ladder shelf. A plant dangles from the larger of the two vases.